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What’s the event about?

At Colab, we're all about turning your internship dreams into reality and paving the path to your dream career. 🌟

Join us for an action-packed, one-hour session where we'll unlock the secrets to turbocharging your internship journey. In this session, you'll:

  1. 🌐 Discover opportunities that are tailor-made for you – and this goes way beyond basic LinkedIn or random Google searches.
  2. πŸš€ Uncover intriguing hacks for approaching company management, connecting with the right people for referrals, and essentially MASTERING THE ART OF INTERNSHIPS. Plus, you'll expand your network by mingling with some incredible folks.


  1. πŸ€” Come with an idea of the kind of work you'd love to do.
  2. πŸ’Ό Know your industry.
  3. 🀝 Be ready to collaborate because we want to hear your ideas, ambitions, and career aspirations to help you better.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us?

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