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We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding Colab, Hope you find them helpful.

What is Colab all about?

Colab provides college students with immersive training tailored to industry-level skills and a 100% internship guarantee. This is an ideal platform for students to successfully launch themselves into their chosen careers.

What is the schedule of programs at Colab?

Each program at Colab lasts for 60 days, with bi-weekly sessions. Each program follows its own cycle; you can learn more about them here.

Who else will be on the program with me?

Joining Colab makes you a part of a vibrant community of students enrolled in different programs across Colab. You can jam with them, collaborate, create, or build anything together.

How Colab benefits me?

You'll be able unlock your potential and gain all of those must-have skills before college even ends. Jumpstart and get real industry experience early on, and start interning with confidence - not to mention creating that personal identity (and bank account) while you're at it too! 😎

What is Micro-Internship?

A Micro-Internship is a great way to gain work experience while still in school! Work remotely with businesses on real projects and build your skills and network. It's the perfect opportunity for hands-on work experience without a longterm commitment.

Are all the internship on Colab paid?

Yes they are! Your compensation is tied to your level of Program i.e, Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. You can learn more about it here.

Will Colab help me find an internship?

With Colab, you have the opportunity to find an experience that perfectly matches your skillset. Try interning with a company and then decide if it's right for you: you can even switch companies or even be hired full time(depending on your employers discretion) - explore all options until one fits like a glove!

Whats the money back guarantee on Colab?

Besides gaining invaluable experience interning, there's also financial incentive starting at $500/month. This way you can make your investment in the program back within 3 months of interning. With Colab, it pays off literally AND figuratively!

Can international students apply for Colab?

Sure, all the students on CPT and OPT can apply to this. We can work with you regarding providing you employment details.

Will we get credits for the micro-internships ?

We can make necessary arrangements that can demonstrate your work-experience with the companies and work with your college to help you get assigned credits.

So whats the catch?

Literally nothing. Just make sure you put in a 100% and we get you upto speed with the internships.

I have further questions, Where can I contact the team?

You can use the Live Chat support at the bottom-right corner of the screen or email us at reachout@letscolab.online

Is anybody reading this yet?

idk are you?! But if you did, write us in the support chat and we’ll give you a $50 off on the Internship Program plan 😁


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