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August 27, 2022

This will be an exciting day to the get to know colleges up-close and personal. You’ll be talking to people from IVY Leagues, Program Manager and District Student Manager alongside some interesting Youtubers. Today’s session is all about interactions, learnings, blending-in and beyond.

Members will take away with them a solid roadmap of getting in the right college and make themselves ready for a successful program. Here’s the breakdown of our speaker lineup →

Get Your Application Review + Know How Your Applications Are Read


Marisa Zepeda

Director of Admissions, MIT(2008) | Admissions Reader, Yale(2015) | Currently, UC Berkeley

You’ll take away the right strategy to apply to a college which increases your chance to get accepted, learning about demonstrating Academic Readiness and Potential, preparing for the interviews and the journey beyond. You don’t want to be missing this session, it’s got years of experience packed in for you.

Creating Networks and Finding Internships In College


Ray Porras

Former UCSC Student Advisor, DSO | California Institute of Advance Management, DSO

Ray shares his years of experience working with prestigious institutions about how the students can navigate through the best program and efficiently organize their majors, minors or electives. By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with the strategies to optimize both your time and talent in the right direction.

Secure Scholarships And Make The Most Of University


Naphtali Bryant

Founder of Spark-Ed university | Student Success Specialist, Alamo Colleges District

Naphtali will make you ask the right questions when it comes to choosing the college, finding the right scholarships and navigating the way through the campus to your benefit. This is a fantastic session to create that sense of achievement and satisfaction when applying for the college.


Transitioning from High School to College

Speaker: Vincent Yang

Youtuber @Shadouw, High School Graduate Class of 2022

Navigating Through College and Making Most Of It

Speaker: Janelle Olisea

Youtuber @JanelleOlisea, Rising Sophomore @Stanford University

We’ll be joining with alot more speakers, Youtubers with whom you’ll have a chance to interact ask your questions and alot more.

Exact details will be shared once you enroll at the conference!