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Just Community

✅  Monthly Access to Community

✅  Community Mixers

✅  2 Monthly Networking Parties

✅  ColabCon (Yearly Conference)

❌  Internship Programs

❌  Micro-Internships

❌  100% Internship Guarantee

❌  Productivity Tools worth $4K

📄 Build a basic portfolio

⏰ More hours searching for internships elsewhere

Best for:

✌️ Keeping updated with the current industry or to try Colab.


⚡️ Convert to Internship Program within 4 months and get a credit all your months used!



lifetime (recommended)

Interning Fellowship

✅  100% Internship Guarantee*

✅  Lifetime Access to Community

✅  Community Mixers

✅  Weekly Networking Parties

✅  ColabCon (Yearly Conference)

✅  One Internship Program

✅  Unlimited Micro-Internships

✅  Productivity Tools worth $4K

⚡️ Build an Influential portfolio

🧑‍💻 Start Interning after 70 days with a stipend of $600 /month and above

Best for:

🚀 Go-getters looking to launch themselves professionally early-on


⚡️ Make all your investment back after just 3 months and keep growing endlessly!

Your Colab experience include:

Networking Parties

Network with MAANG execs & innovators at these events. Exchange ideas & become successful in this fast-changing industry.

Internship Programs

Colab's internship programs equip you with industry-level knowledge, network and skills. Our 2-month training sessions offer a hands-on approach to ensure success!

Productivity Tools

Cultivate creativity & increase productivity with our tools! Reap rewards such as $1000 in Notion credits & 100% off Adalo - free!


Network & make connections at the annual conference with industry leaders, entrepreneurs & peers. Explore new opportunities & seize every chance to further develop yourself!

Community Mixers

Network, introduce yourself & skillset, forge connections with creatives, discover projects for collaboration & build a name in the creative industry!


Work on projects with various companies, hone skills and network with top execs. Incredible opportunity to build proficiency and financially empower yourself. Plus, valuable experience gained.

Ready for the Fellowship?

Build a fantastic portfolio and career through multiple Micro-Internships!

Schedule Interview One

*Students need to attend all the sessions and finish the projects in order to be eligible for the 100% Internship Guarantee. This ensures quality control for both students and the companies.


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