Intern Faster with these tips!

Intern Faster with these tips!


Let’s Get Interning Faster

April 23, 2024

Aakash Dave

An interview is all about proving yourself as an ideal candidate, however, the first step to that interview is ideally a resume or past experience. Unless you have worked on a strong marketing stack or demonstrated analytical skills, it's difficult to make a cut through the interviews.

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If not, let’s help you make a cut through that line. (Exercise admits this article)

👀  Marketing ≠ Just Content Creation

The underlying principle of marketing is growing the company by driving more eyes and creating a better perception about the brand/product or service. You need to find a way to demonstrate that.

Marketing → user growth → More revenue → rinse and repeat!

🧐  Understand Mindset!

Anyone can be hired just to post stuff on social media, but real marketers drive actions based on the data. Marketing is quite an analytical discipline that deals a lot with data, identifying patterns and doubling down on that to drive more traffic.

Ex: Explain with the help of data why you should be posting more on TikTok than Instagram! This is what sets you apart.

🚀  Have the tools work for you!

Once you understand how to appeal to people based on data, have the tools work for you to make an informed decision. This could be marketing automations through analytics, funnels, pipelines, customer journey etc. Know a couple of tools in different domains such as mobile, web, etc.

All this will help you not just build a stunning portfolio, but it shows the efforts you put in towards equipping yourself with resources that matter the most when it comes to marketing. Overall, you have to market yourself to cut in the queue. Show that you are a full-stack marketer.

👇 This is us doing all that with our fellows at Colab


👇 You made it this far, So here's a helpful challenge!

Here’s a project that helps you do that super fast:

If you run a blog, or have a personal website, or an online portfolio website. Send the recruiter to this site and have them complete a customer journey. Do the following:

  1. Add in a pixel, Google tag manager or Statcounter. (Google what these do)
  2. Use the data to understand how the recruiter interacts, drive their action towards something specific and how they are navigating through your site.
  3. Document all that action on a chart and share it further on the site. This will not only impress the recruiter but will set you apart from the rest.

Even though you might not hear back, it's about the experience you gain from this plus you’ll understand what may not be working for you! Marketing is about always learning about new actions, and this, our friend, will be a real experience.


Colab Fellowship is focused on helping you become successful in your career by training you to be a pro and intern at multiple companies to build that strong experience.

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