Talent As A Service at Colab

Talent As A Service (TaaS)

Colab's TaaS offers a new way to hire skilled talent who are ready to start work immediately. Founded by Founder for Founders, TaaS enables you to try out trained, vetted talent interns via micro-hiring before a longer commitment. This is a great way to find talent that fits your culture until you meet talent-company-fit.

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💯 Our Intern pool goes to


⚡️Trained by Leadership at companies like


You get interns ready to be plugged into your systems and get going. Trained by engineering managers, marketers and founders, these interns bring onboard the expertise, so you don’t have to invest time in training them from scratch. Focus on how to blend them in.

💪  Benefits of Colab TaaS.

  • No more dealing with overwhelming applications, Agencies, Recruiters or Softwares.
  • Trained and verified Candidates
  • Try each candidate before long-term commitment
  • Exponentially Low Cost Per Hire. Slashing from ~$5000 → ~$450
  • Faster turn around of potential candidates
  • Hiring season agnostic - work with candidates around the year.
  • Setup a pipeline of talent early on by working with interns in their constructive years

🤝  How do you onboard at Colab?

  1. Schedule a discovery call
  2. Fill us on your requirements
  3. Legal (NDAs, Contract Work, Ownership etc) is taken care of by Colab
  4. You Internship is listed
  5. Get a pool of interns, ready to work!

💸  Pricing That Works


Benefits Include

Trained Candidates

Onboarding Support

Unlimited Internship Posting

Company Stack Training

Legal Support

Experience And History Logs

Year-Round Hiring

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💡 Understand how this works

🙋🏻‍♂️  How does intern hiring works at Colab?

  • After you are onboarded, you receive the access of all the data about the candidates at Colab. These details are strictly for the purposes of maintaining transparency and providing information about the member’s performance at Colab. You continue to receive such data of other incoming members as well, this information includes:
    • Work done in training
    • Past internships at Colab Partner Companies
    • Feedback and notes provided by previous companies.
  • Each member at Colab is trained equally and brings on board substantial knowledge of tools, best practices about the industry, which enables you to have peace of mind and slash down the unnecessary interviews and resume reviews.
  • All of our Colab members are trained to be participants. i.e, they bring on some expertise on their trained skills and will collaborate with you actively rather than just taking orders
  • All your payouts are through Colab and we take care of all the processing. You can track your progress with us.

🧑‍💻  What goes in an micro-internship

These are just like regular internships, with a goal to try a candidate and access their potential with your company.

  • Time commitment: Starts at 10hrs/week
  • Internship Duration: 3 months (i.e One Cycle)
  • After each cycle you can choose to onboard them to your company as a full-time intern or otherwise; or conclude the internship with them.
  • Start with high-level tasks that helps you access the candidates on your way.
  • You onboard members to your systems just as you’d invite a candidate to work with you
  • At the end, irrespective of renewal of your contract with them, you give them your feedback.

✅  Colab becomes a more reliable solution

Job Portals
Intern Services
University Portals
Trained Talent
✅ Every Candidate is trained, vetted and accustomed to the industrial process
❌ Candidates are not trained or vetted. Anyone can create an account
❌ Candidates are not trained or vetted. Anyone can create an account
❌ The most that the candidates are aware of is the stuff they read at the college. That is mostly disconnected with reality.
On-demand Training
✅ Candidates can be trained on skills required by the company
❌ No Training
❌ No Training
❌ No Training
Min 20hr/week
Min 20hr/week
Min 20hr/week
Cost Per Hire
Try us out. Subscriptions Waived off for 6 months
$10k per year
$6k per year
$10k per year
Average Pay per Candidate
$750 per month
$3000-4000 per month
$3000-4000 per month
$3000-4000 per month

💸  Average cost of hiring a Colab intern

  • Average about $2.25K - this includes compensation, commissions, legal and support for one cycle (3 months)
  • No follow-on fees to convert them to a full-time intern or employee. You just hire them, we work with you to onboard them.
  • Subscription waived of for initial partner companies

🔖  Legalities

One contract fits all. Colab becomes your vendor for talent and we sign one contract covering all essential NDAs, clauses, etc. We take care of payout and the complete hiring pipeline.

🚀  What Skills do we support right now?

Software Engineering
Marketing and Growth
Business and Operations
Full-Stack Web Dev
Customer Journey
Email Marketing
User Research
Front-end → Reactjs
Backend Engineering
User Acquisition, Mobile and Web
Customer insights and Survey
Data-model and Architecture
Paid and Organic Marketing
Investor Relations
System Design
Growth and Content Strategy
No-code tools + Intergrations
Agile Development and SDLC
User retention, tracking KPIs, etc.

⚡️ Focus on growth, leave rest to us!

Get started with hiring top tire trained interns to grow your company to the moon!

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