Company Onboarding

Onboarding at Colab as a partner company

Thanks for considering Colab as your interning partner. Let’s get your set up for success at Colab.

What do you get?

Vetted dedicated and well trained personal with skills that are current requirements in the industry. We follow a 80%-20% model.

80% → Skills that are a standard practice and in-demand in the industry. Think of standard tech or marketing stack that helps you operate your company.

20% → Creative aspect that can help elevate your business or job profile. This is a great skillset for brainstorming and doing something new in your company. This includes new technologies, tools and the methods that can help you with getting things done fast and better.

At any point in time, you’ll be able to see the complete portfolio of the candidates with following details:

  1. Basic credentials
  2. Previous positions held with and outside Colab companies
  3. Detailed description of thesis or project accomplished in the training
  4. Contents of skills, tools and methods used in the training

How do I get started?

You send us your requirements, open positions and tools that are required in the internship profile. Our programs such as Startups, CS, Product Management, etc train the students on these specific skills. We train the students for 8-weeks where the students work on a real project that give you metric to access their work. There are following steps after this:

  1. Sign a contract.
    • We’ll cover any NDAs, Confidentiality clauses or terms that may be necessary to you.
    • You get access to the community where you can share updates and connect with interns directly. Each company gets access to one account and an account manager.
  2. Send us your requirements
    1. We’ll need the following from you:

    2. Kind of role you are hiring for
    3. Skills → This is about the stack, tools and processes that you use
    4. Responsibilities for the role → Be really specific about your expectations
    5. About the founder and the company → What you company does
    6. Socials and Online presence
    7. Submit the Role Requirement Form

  3. Your Listing goes Live
  4. After we receive the info, we’d list your position in our internship section.

    Here’s an example of what your listing will look like

Want to add an extra layer of filter?

Although Colab guarantees you good quality and trained interns, you can still choose to assess them on the any condition you may have. One widely used practice is a take home project.

A project can be linked to you opportunity profile. This will act as a take home project for the interns and will give both you and the students a good metric to understand each other’s compatibility. Colab will integrate this project into one of their mixer session and mention the benefits of accomplishing this. Make sure the project isn’t too heavy and be solely used as a metric to assess the quality of the intern.

Note: We’ll only send you an intern once we ourselves have the guarantee for that.

How does intern matching work?

  1. Interns who graduate through the fellowship, gets access to the interning marketplace
  2. Intern chooses your listing as an internship interest
  3. Company gets notified about the applicant
  4. If the qualifications match, you send them a start date. (We take off your listing from the Colab marketplace)
  5. When you finally approve, you prepay the intern stipend for the cycle → 3 months
  6. This will be processed directly to the intern’s connected account on monthly basis. If the interns don’t fully comply, we will refund the months they don’t intern for.

  7. Interns will receive all the information to join your companies onboard.