Work Authorization at Colab

Work Authorization at Colab

Work Authorization at Colab

Micro-internships are just like regular internships with shorter time commitment. They are eligible under all the CPT and OPT programs similar to the regular internship.

Colab verifies all the relevant documents necessary to validate the work authorization. Once you submit the form using following the link, we'll begin with the process of evaluation and will reach out to you if any further inputs are needed

Work Authorization Validation Form (WAV Form)


All the members are highly recommended to consult their University Student Advisors, or DSOs to make sure if the students are well under their program category to proceed with the internship.

Work Authorization Process

The process to secure the internships as International student goes as follows:

  1. You'll fill out WAV Form
    1. If approved, you'll be given a heads up
    2. If not, you'll be asked for further documentation
  2. We'll await your cohort completion and will provide you an appointment letter.
  3. You'll take all these documents to your school authority to file for CPT, or to add to an ongoing CPT. In some cases, your school may require us to sign/attest some documentation, which can handle electronically.
  4. You share your approval of work authorization.

Once we receive the approval, you can start with your micro-internships right away.