Prepare for Interview One

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🎙️ Prepare for Interview One

Since you are seeing this page, we assume that you are scheduled for Colab’s interview.

If this has been shared to you perhaps for an opportunity that you might be looking for, then first bless that soul and schedule your interview right here.

Last Interview is the only interview you’ll need to take when it comes down to finding internships through Colab. We take great pride in working with the best talent, and believe that you are one of them, hence giving you a headsup can make this process really smooth for you.

What happens in the Interview?

In the span of 30 mins, you’ll be interacting with one of the student specialist at the company. We’ll cover the following points:

  1. Your background (includes your current and past experience)
  2. Your career objectives and reason for such choice (Which domain your wish to take up and why did you choose it?)
  3. Tell us about an interesting skill of yours, it could be anything
  4. Your time commitment and near future goals
  5. Understand the Colab experience
  6. Your expectations with Colab

Can I re-schedule my Last Interview?

In most cases we cannot make such arrangements. However, in serious cases we can make exceptions. You should email us at the earliest if such need may arise.

I missed my meeting, Can I re-book it?

To ensure that we conduct all interviews and do not miss out on any applications, we closely monitor our reservations. Therefore, we kindly request that you book an appointment at your earliest convenience. Unless it is a genuine emergency, please do not rebook the same applicant.

Where do I reachout for more questions?

You can mail us here

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