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🤔 Others also ask …

How is this different from any program elsewhere?

Here are the differentiating factors:

  1. First off we don’t make you create random resumes our platform.
  2. We are more aggressive and competent with our training which includes not only technical knowledge but an in-depth understanding of the industrial processes.
  3. We help you channel your efforts in the right direction.
  4. You save your precious time by networking with right people and focus on exploring opportunities through paid micro-internships.
  5. You get a vibrant community of early professionals with diverse backgrounds such as business, tech, finance, marketing, etc.
  6. You remain up-to-date with all the knowledge that keep you relevant with current market trends.

Are you a placement company?

Not at all!

We are the bridge between your skills and the demand in the industry. We are in the business for training early talent like you with skills and knowledge to finally help you discover opportunities to apply your expertise to.

Do you take commission from my salary?

Not at all!

We don’t charge you any commission to facilitate your internships. You get the complete amount, that you are promised here.

Is there a tuition for the fellowship?

Yes, a one-time tuition of $999-only, for life-time access. Which is split in two halves:

  1. 50% deposit upon acceptance
  2. 50% after one month or when you’re halfway through the training.

This goes towards you training, network introductions, sourcing opportunities, managing payouts, legal, etc. We use this to compensate our experts and support a well functioning platform. You become member at Colab and enjoy these perks for lifetime!

Can just anyone pay you and get in?

Absolutely Not!

We have a very speedy 4-day interview process, which goes as follows:

🧑‍💻 Interview with our Cohort Specialist This interview is conducted on the behalf of the companies to pre-vet everyone.

🤝 Internal Team Assessment We review each and every interview on the basis of applicants motives, work experience, past efforts, etc. If we wish to move forward with you, we’ll ask you for more information about you.

💡 Student Insights We usually ask a detailed explanation on the kind of internships you like to have, what you expect from the cohort and the community, and finally what value can you add to the companies that are onboard with us! We then move on to the final assessment and reachout to you with a Yes or No

✅ Acceptance and Final onboarding We’ll send you the formalities to get you onboarded, check your work authorization, help setup payout account etc

⭕️ In the case we reject the candidates, it is mostly due to the candidate or the cohorts not being suitable for each other for the time being. We always encourage people to re-apply whenever we announce new cohorts.

How often do you have these cohorts?

Not quite often and hence we have less acceptance rate. We work with fewer people to help facilitate quality training and internships. Once you are onboarded at Colab our focus remains to facilitate more internships to you. We announce cohorts on rolling basis.

I love it, can I share it with my friends?


Please ask you friends to mention that they have come from your referral, we’ll give you both a sweet referral credit!

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