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👋 About Colab

Colab is a platform to accelerate your career to professional success and financial independence.

This document will answer most of the “whys” of yours and give you a deep dive in our intentions to help you grow faster in your careers.

⚡️ Vision (why?)

Empower college students to channel their efforts and time towards refining their talents and making a significant impact on their careers.

You should join Colab if:

  1. You are looking to grow faster or different careers without the risk of failing hard.
  2. You don’t like being stuck with binge-applying, waiting or being ghosted by recruiters.
  3. You are not looking to wait to reach junior year to get into internships.
  4. You wish to understand crucial interview concepts by working on products and companies and gaining experience.
  5. You want a guiding force that helps you channel your efforts in right direction.
  6. Build a network and rapport with relevant people in the industry.

the list goes on …

Colab aims to alleviate these concerns by providing you with the tools and resources to become internship-ready and gain valuable experience that propels you forward. We just want you to move forward with confidence worry-free!

💪 Mission (how?)

Empower students to explore their potential in desired industries without being involved in the binge-applying. Provide a medium for students to be connected industries and vouches for them by helping them build experience, true in-demand skills, network that can be super beneficial for their career.

🔥 Colab (what?)

Mirco-Internship platform for College students that trains students within 8 weeks with skills, network, experience and portfolio to finally start interning at their choice of companies.

💯 Innovation (whats new about us?)

Let’s just list down what we are doing in this sector:

  1. No interviews, because:
    1. Companies will already know you and your progress.
    2. You are trained on in-demand skills specifically required by companies today.
  2. Meeting professionals at top-management and experts to build an influential network.
  3. Exploring multiple tools, skills and resources that give you an edge over the competition.
  4. A community of exceptional people across different program, countries and states to collaborate. Like a private Linkedin!

❤️ Team (Who we are?)

Everyone at Colab is rooting for your success and works toward building your career. You’ll get to work with exceptional people like founders, Ph.Ds from MIT, professors from IVY college; this will enable you to learn the most from their experience and blaze through hurdles in your career, if any.

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