What happens in Colab

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🎉  The Fellowship Experience

Colab is an operating system for your career. This is one platform for,

  1. Getting trained for in-demand skills
  2. Building industry experience
  3. Networking
  4. Collaborating with an elite community
  5. Working with impactful companies
  6. Building a diverse professional portfolio
  7. Understanding Interview Concepts

What is the time commitment like?

Total Cohort: 8-weeks

Sessions Per Week: Two

Hours Per Session: Two

Which Days Of the Week: The days varies, however its a combination of one weekday(evening session) and Saturday(morning Session)

How are the sessions like?

Over the 8-weeks of sessions, you will:

  1. Work under the direction of our Instructors, Live!
  2. Collaborate with upto 10 people from all over the nation/different schools
  3. You will work on a real project and the complete product lifecycle to understand core concepts asked in different interview rounds.
  4. Be introduced to new tools and resources that adds to your experience.
  5. Network industry leaders related to training. You’ll actually be able to ask them questions or have a casual chat. Its an open platform between you two.
  6. Attend weekly meeting with people in the other programs, so you can network across and collaborate on your projects

By the end of the program, you’ll have access to all the resources, people, companies and knowledge to unlock the right internships for you and start interning faster.

This is us in action


After the Program?

You get 15 days to turn in the projects and have it be reviewed by the experts. Once you successfully achieve the objectives of the program, you can directly pick and start to work with the companies at the earliest notice.

How do I know if I am training on the most relevant skillset?

All your sessions in the training are geared around the current requirements that the companies look for when hiring with us. That way we make sure you most up-to-date with skillsets needed in the industry.

Do I loose Colab experience once I start Interning?

Nope! You’ll continue to meet attend the weekly mixers and continue being an essential part of Colab. You’ll even be assisted if need may be for anything related to your internship.

Colab never ends!

Where are the other member in the cohort/community from?

We have people from all around the US from universities like Cornell, Texas A&M, UW Seattle, Santa Clara University, etc. to name a few! You’ll get a good mix of talent, knowledge and people to network with!

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